Voltage:2-3S LiPo / 4-9 Cells NiMH

Application:1/16th, 1/18th Touring Cars/ Buggies/ Trucks/ Monster Trucks



Item Name: CRS30A

BEC: 6V/1A linear

Input Voltage: 2-3s Lipo

Dimension: 36*28*16mm

Weight: 38g

Continuous Current: 30A

Peak Current: 120A

Support Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless motor


* Specially designed for RC Car with excellent start-up, acceleration, braking and linearity;

* Widely used with all kinds of sensorless ( non-hall sensor) brushless motor;

* High quality material with powerful current withstand;

* Three operation modes: Forward with brake(one-way), Forward/Reverse with brake(both-way), Direct forward/Reverse (crawler); 

* 4 Steps of maximum reverse force adjustment;

* Proportion type brake: 4 steps maximum brake force adjustment, 8 steps drag brake force adjustment, 4 steps initial brake force adjustment;

* 9 steps of acceleration (punch) adjustment from "soft" to "very aggressive" for different kinds of car model, tires and tracks;

* Multiple protections: low voltage cut-off protection( support lipo, NiCd and NiMh), Over-heat protection, throttle signal loss protection, Motor lock-up protection;

* Timing adjustment by software, easy to reset to the factory default setting by one-button (the "SET" button).

* Water-proof and dust-proof design, well protection with sealing housing for extend lifespan.

Характеристики регуляторов скорости
Встроеный BEC Линейный 6В/1А
Максимальный ток 120A
Номинальный ток 30A
Вес 38 г.
Размер 36*28*16 мм.
Рабочее напряжение 2-3S

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Регулятор скорости CSR30A

  • Производители AGF
  • Модель: CSR30A
  • Наличие: 1
  • 1490р.