Application:RC Car, Boat



Super Mini Size

High Stability Gyro

Competition Grade Drifting

Aluminum CNC Case


◆Shell Material:AL6061



◆Operating Voltage:3.7~8.4V

◆Current Drain:20mA/6V

◆Operating temperature:-10℃+50℃

◆Output Signal:1520uS(50Hz/333Hz)

◆Control System:PID Control System

◆Input & Output Plug:JST1.5mm(attached the signal input cable to connect with receiver)

How to connect this gyro with your mini car:


Operating Instruction

Switch 1: Servo type setting, slide to “ON” for digital output (333Hz), slide to another side for analog (50Hz).

Switch 2: Normal/ Reverse ( change the direction of servo).

Operating Instruction: Blue LED fast flash while power on, that means initializing the neutral position of the gyro and remote control 

                                    direction. Please do not move until completed initialization. If LED become solid light from flash, that means 

                                    received the signal of gain adjustment, gain adjusted by transmitter, servo output range set by potetiometer of 

                                    gyro and  increase clockwise; If  LED become slow flash while completed initialization, that means do not 

                                    receive the signal of gain adjustment, now gain adjusted by potetiometer, clockwise increases the gyro gain 

                                    and the servo angle range will be the maximum.

Характеристики гироскопов
Потребление 20 мА /6 В
Система управления PID
Соединение JST1.5 мм
Применимость Автомодели, судомодели
Материал корпуса Алюминиевый
Диапазон рабочих температур от -10 ℃ до +50 ℃
Выходной сигнал 1520 нС (50 Гц /333 Гц)
Вес 4 г.
Размер 21*15*8.8 мм.
Рабочее напряжение 3.7-8.4 В

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